Kickstarter Thank You Wall

To all the backers of my first Kickstarter, a resounding thank you. I could not have done it without your support. I hope you enjoy your rewards. Here, in your honor, your name shall be forever immortalized on the Kickstarter Thank You Wall.

So first and foremost, the team who helped me to put this all together:

Luis Suarez – Artist

Martin “Magnus” Perez – Letterer

And You Films – Video Editing

Daniel “Hale” Schuermann – Video Filming

Jacob Halton – Promotional Materials

Ali Cantarella – Guest Artist

Angel Onofre – Guest Artist

Leo Perez – Guest Artist

Wesley Sun – Kickstarter Consultant

Vicki Moy – Wife

Catherine Trahey – Mom

And an extra special thank you to my most generous backers, the ones who paid a little extra to have their mugs appear in a future comic. Here’s to you:

D. Forrest

Sumit Sharan

Thomas Mueller

Sally Arevalo and The Arevalo Family

Mike Devries and Family

And last but certainly not least, the many backers who made this campaign a success. Your donations are the start of a long series. Enjoy your comics, and thank you for your support.

Eric Greenberg

Christophe Parault

Kev Anderson

Eddie Rivers

Jessie Harding

Ed Cantarella

Mary Trahey

Lai Sam

Benny Moy

Sarah Benkin

Neil Delos Trinos

Angela Morris

Joyce Mei

Jehanzeb Hasan

Brian Schillemans

Dani DeYong

Emmy Colon

Maximo Melgarejo

Joel D. Siegel

JT Stein

Own John Ryan

Steve M. Luke

Bradley Bradley

Robert Shoemaker

Jacob “Ryoku” Walker

Warwick Johnson

Dessert First Network

Sean Lask

RC Young

Audel Oceguera

Jessica Villanueva

John MacLeod

Nate Carey

Luis F. Perez

Mama Jane

John J. Ostrosky Jr.

Beat Jost

Tymothy Peter Diaz

Torben Friedrich

Kristján Björn Snorrason

Paul Green

Georg Lips

Nader Abushhab

Matt Alcock

Avery L. Heart


Lee Steart

Joany Rios Torres

Nathan M. Thomas | @SithKnightmare

Michelle Nguyen

Scott “XIII” Wilson

James Haick III

David Dalcourt

Cory Steinberg

DeReau Farrar

Jan Humpal

Dylan Kittell

Donovan Scherer

 Eric Tran

Christopher Luke Steinrueck

Dirk Manning

Jon Campbell

William Dikes

Keli Björklund

C. Neil Milton

Brian Greene

Scott Smith

Hasan Khan Art

June F. Kendall

Yuri A. Parsons

Carrie “Clips” McClain

Dana Harp

Andra Szunyoghy Jr.

Slade Eide-Ettaro

Angeline Burton

J. Adam Farster

Sim Page

Stace Harman

Thomas Werner

David Cechini

Kyle McElhoney

Sun Bros Studios

Castle K


Matthew Carson

Daniel Boler

Simon Overell

Jacob Israel Grey

M. Linehan

Benjamin Le Guenic

Matias N. Caruso

Jason Dirstein

Wally Wallace

Daniel Stalter

Hy-Kim Nguyen

Andrew E. C. Head

Hafiz Zain

Caleb D. Cooper

Thomas Zilling

Dustin Weems

Raul G. R.

Jim Fleming

Eric Batson

Michal Burzyk

Tommy P. Delanuit