About Sol Comics

Sol Comics is the home of writer Patrick Trahey’s short stories and the birthplace of The XII, now published by Alterna Comics.



Patrick is a writer and a Chicago native. He enjoys routinely hurtling his beloved hometown into apocalypses of various flavors. He is the creator of Sol Comics, and the writer behind all the stories that live herein. He occasionally teaches a writing workshop at the International School of Comics and hosts their monthly graphic novel book club.  His series, The XII, is published by Alterna Comics. He lives by a simple credo that he applies to all his writing endeavors: story first.


LUIS SUÁREZ (Artist – The XII)

Luis (Canary Islands, Spain) studied at The University of La Laguna (ULL). He has worked years in animation, creating concept art and animation for numerous projects, such as the Goya film award nominated film Hiroku: Defenders of GAIA by OEK Productions. Having already published some fanzines, he began his journey into the world of comics alongside writer Victor Conde and screenwriter Josemide Alonso in Segundo Advenmiento.

MARTÍN PÉREZ (Letterer – The XII)

Martín A. Pérez (AKA MaGnUs) hails from Montevideo, Uruguay, and is a writer, letterer and radio host/producer. He has published in print and online, writes articles and columns about roleplaying games, comics and scifi, and hosts a radio show (Perdidos En El Eter) about the same nerdy subjects. His main focus is writing and lettering comic books, both for his own imprint (GAS Comics has published five anthologies and two graphics novels, two ongoing webcomics, and numerous short stories), as part of other collectives, and for customers. He also writes narrative and flavor text for video games. In his father’s words “So unconventional, and yet so traditionalist.”  Longing for more civilized times, yet a passionate futurist.